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Smoky and Champagne Quartz Gemstones

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Smoky quartz is a brown to black variety of quartz. Champagne quartz is a pale yellow to yellowish brown variety. These gems are valued for their subtle earthy tones. They are inexpensive, yet durable and hard and perfect for all types of jewellery. These quartz varieties are generally left untreated. In 12th century China, thin panels of smoky quartz were used to make the world’s first sunglasses!
Ref No: SMQ001
Weight: 4.40ct
Price: USD 88.00
Size: 13.7x9.8x7.0

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Ref No: SMQ002
Weight: 3.80ct
Price: USD 76.00
Size: 10.5x7.4

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Ref No: SMQ003
Weight: 14.82ct
Price: USD 96.00
Size: 10.3x7.4

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Ref No: SMQ004
Weight: 3.15ct
Price: USD 63.00
Size: 10.2x7.4

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Ref No: SMQ005
Weight: 2.44ct
Price: USD 36.00
Size: 9.0x6.4

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Ref No: SMQ006
Weight: 7.49ct
Price: USD 112.00
Size: 12.0x8.8

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Ref No: SMQ007
Weight: 5.65ct
Price: USD 85.00
Size: 10.9x8.8

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Ref No: SMQ008
Weight: 7.39ct
Price: USD 110.00
Size: 14.5x11.3x8.0

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Ref No: SMQ009
Weight: 4.63ct
Price: USD 70.00
Size: 11.0x8.5

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Ref No: SMQ010
Weight: 9.52ct
Price: USD 142.00
Size: 19.0x12.0x8.5

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Ref No: SMQ011
Weight: 1
Price: USD 1.00
Size: 1

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