Topaz is an attractive and variable gemstone that is often confused with other gems, especially quartz. For example, the gem that is known as “smoky topaz” is in fact smoky quartz. Real topaz is most commonly a white or pale yellow colour. Blue topaz is only very rarely found in nature, and its colour is always quite pale and reminiscent of aquamarine. Bright blue and deep blue topaz is white topaz that has been irradiated. This treatment is permanent and safe and results in a very attractive electric blue colour that penetrates the whole stone. It is easy to obtain in large sizes, inexpensive and is extremely good value for money.

Topaz is also frequently diffusion treated, resulting in a variety of different colours. These include Mystic Topaz, which is rainbow coloured, and pink, red and green topaz. Pink and red topaz are found in nature, but are extremely rare and expensive. Nearly all pink topaz on the worldwide market is diffusion treated. We do not stock any of these diffusion treated stones because it is a surface treatment that wears off in a short period of time and cannot be repaired.

Topaz is a very hard gemstone that is suitable for all types of jewellery. It is the birthstone for November.

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