Morganite is the rare pink variety of the mineral beryl. Other members of the beryl family include aquamarine, emerald and heliodor. Morganite has rapidly gained popularity over the past decade. Only very limited quantities of high-quality gem rough are mined each year.

Morganite is nearly always a light-colored gem. Colors include a range of feminine pastel pinks, purplish-pinks, peach, rose, salmon and pale champagne hues. The pastel colors compliment rose gold and white gold very well. Because of the lighter tones the gems have excellent sparkle when well cut. Morganite only occasionally occurs in deeper colors and these always command high prices due to their rarity.

Morganite has a good hardness of 7.5-8 which makes it suitable for any type of jewelry including rings. Morganite is sometimes heat treated and/or irradiated to change the color. Morganites from Gem Gallery Africa are not heat treated or irradiated.

African sources of morganite include Mozambique, Nigeria and Madagascar. Mozambique morganites tend to be large and champagne or very light peach colored. Nigerian and Madagascar stones are usually smaller and tend more towards pink or purplish-pink.

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