Tanzanite is a relatively new gemstone that is found only in Tanzania in East Africa. In its best qualities it is a beautiful vivid blue to bluish violet colour. It also has a noticeable colour-change effect, being more purple in incandescent light and more blue in daylight.

Its prices are consistently high due to its rarity and beauty, and large high quality gems are difficult to obtain.

Nearly all tanzanite is heat treated to produce its vivid colours. However very recently a new deposit of tanzanite was found that does not require heat treatment. These stones come in a variety of unusual colours not usually seen in treated tanzanites. These include turquoise, teal and pinkish violet as well as the usual blue stones.

Tanzanite is a relatively soft gemstone that is best in earrings and pendants. It is generally considered unsuitable for rings unless the owner is very careful with them and they are in a protected setting.

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